Water and Sewer Rates Mountain Water and Sanitation District
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Gallons Used in 30-day Month
Water and Sewer Charge
0 $43.78
1200 $74.86
3000 $121.47
3500 $137.14
4500 $176.63
6000 $235.86


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Mountain Water and Sanitation District



JANUARY 1, 2019

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Rates were increased 4% on January 1, 2019 to reflect increases in operating costs. The rates remained the same for 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Water and sewer charges are based on per-gallon usage. There is a minimum charge of $43.78. The rate for 3300 gallons (or less) in a month is charged at a conservation rate and usage over 3300 gallons is charged at a higher rate. A few examples are listed at left.

Availability of Service, Vacant Lot, Monthly $30
Tap Fee  - Water Service $14,500
Tap Fee -  Sewer Service


Capital Improvement Fee $14,500
Connection Fee - Water $200
Connection Fee - Sewer $200
Turn on/off Fee $25

Transfer service

(one-time fee to seller)

Process shut-off letter $50
Process new service application $50
Process county certification $125
Process lien $175
Contractor license fee/renewal $100
Service line inspection $50
Rules and regulations copy $13
Maps copy $25
Copies 25 cents per side
Legal and enginering fees for property development service agreements, etc. Actual cost



Penalties Charge
Late charge on unpaid balance of full service and availability bills 10 percent
NSF check, first return Bank charge + $25
Bad check, second return

Bank charge + $50

Prohibited plumbing or device (e.g. bypasses, unmetered water lines) $1,000
First rules and regulation violation $50
Second rules and regulation violation $250
Third rules and regulation violation $500 plus water shutoff
Penalty on unpaid tap and CIF 10 percent immediate penalty and 1 percent interest shall accrue monthly