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Instructions on HOW TO CONNECT TO EYE-ON-WATER (EOW) to get access to your individual water usage, click here.


TIP FROM MWSD: here is a tip on how to check the water calibration with the water meter. Fill a 1 gallon pitcher while noting the usage on the meter; if you fill the 1 gallon pitcher, you should see the dial turn 1 time. That shows that the meter is calibrated to match the household usage.



In June 2019, the District conducted lead and copper testing; the results came back below the limits with some sites having low enough numbers that they were nondetectable.  Even though our results were good, click here if you wish to get more details on lead information.


Click here to see how water usage fees and other revenue sources are used to fund and operate the Mountain Water and Sanitation District and Enterprise.


For the July 2013 "Wet's New" newsletter, including helpful information on protecting your curb stop, conservation tips, and financial matters, click here.


For the June 2011 letter to residents on radionuclide remediation,

click here.

For a letter to newcomers explaining the basics of our district, click here.


For the July 2014 "Wet's New" newsletter, with information on customer's responsibilities for water & sewer services, a list of items that should be avoided putting down a drain, and a construction update on the new wastewater treatment plant, click here.

Mountain Water and Sanitation

No Outdoor Watering...By Court Order!

Please remember that NO outside watering is allowed in the District. The restriction is based on a water court ruling.


The decree issued in 1983 by Colorado District Court, Water Division, granting MWSD water rights,  states, “The District shall enact and enforce rules and regulations prohibiting outside irrigation, street cleaning and car washing.”


To ensure adequate water for the health and safety of all families, no  water shall be drawn from District sources through garden hoses.